My elder brother had a stroke about 15 years ago

( When he was 48). His left side completely paralysed . Later on he recovered to a very satisfactory extent. But I might say he made very big efforts,like an athlete who try to win an important race. ( Like you perhaps ?)

I am new. My name is Sherry, 55

I had a stroke in 2001 that left me with epilepsy brought on from arrhythmia, I had two minor strokes in 01 & 09, then a hemorrhage in 2011. I have partial paralysis in on leg, and weakness on the left, drop foot on the right. But I have almost completely recovered from the hemorrhage. I have an occasion seizure and what my husband calls ‘brain farts’ (aphasia). I have had no physical therapy at all. I do go a pool on my own four days a week and keep up with email. Is still have days when reading a writing are a major challenge. Sometimes the computer is all that keeps me going. I would appreciate hearing about other stroke survivors and anything anyone knows of piracetum.

Organ recital is over.

Thanks for asking

If I had to give myself a grade for my walking program progress this week, I think it would be a “C.” I started off great and walked 20-30 minutes each day. Then mid week I started feeling really tired and stopped. My energy is back now though (I hope) and I intend to start back tomorrow. I’d also give myself a vit C from this great prices canadian pharmacy for my diet efforts. I’m letting my roommate really effect my diet choices a lot of the time and he can be a bad influence. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

How is Ken & Kim

Ken, you were starting a walking program and watching your cholesterol. How are you doing?

Kim you had just broken your cane. Did you get it replaced? Feeling any better?

Welcome Rob, there is no guarantee.

You will find your self re-living that moment in your life and replaying it over and over. The truth is that you will worry and scare yourself until “something” makes okay. When that happens you won’t care anymore. You reach a certain peace with your spirit and your religion – if you have one – may play a role in that. Keep yourself well the best way you know how to be – whether it’s diet & exercise or obsessing about something else. You could die of a car accident instead. Just remember wear clean underwear and make your Mother proud!

Hi everybody

I am a newcomer to your blog and would like to have any kind of information which might be helpful to overcome the problem.
I am a 53 year old person.

I did not consider Natural Therapies

this is a lethal cancer, and with a Gleason Score of 7, it was very strongly recommended that I not spend a lot of time deciding; about as many men die from this cancer every year as women who die from breast cancer, and it’s not a pleasant death. So I wanted it dealt with, I also work in health care, and probably have a bias against the effectiveness of long term outcomes using alternative therapies. I’m not saying I think that complimentary medicine is of no use, but I saw a man here who sought out the use of Antibiotics for example, who is now dead, from this prostate, you can buy antibiotics online here. His PSA seemed to drop with the therapy for what ever reason, but the cancer was still there, and eventually spread. I just think it is not something to mess with, if your gleason is very low, and staging is good, then with the urologist perhaps a more moderate approach, watchful waiting, is OK, but I was uncomfortable with my scores, not proceeding with whatever ridded me of this threat to my life. Beyond that the decision for surgeyr -vs- radiation, was mine and is not something I can choose for you or anybody. I will be glad to share why I chose the route I did, if you wish. Hope this helps.
I know this is an agonizing decision, it was for me too, and I continue to struggle with self esteen issues, but the cancer is “gone”. Like my urologist said, “dead men don’t have choices”.

Don’t know if I already wrote you about this or not

I had surgery, the Davinci procedure, robotically assisted laparosopic prostatectomy, Dr. Menon at Henry Ford in Detroit. Dr. John Walsh in his book Surviving Prostate CAncer said that complete removal of the cancerous gland is the “gold standard” for reaching that first goal in treatment, not dying from this lethal cancer. I believe that anyoption chosen will leave you potentially with some impotence, perhaps lots, eventually, with surgery it is immediate, but with the nerve sparing prodecure done today, esp with the robot, return to function after many months is more likely. I am ten months and just beginning to see some slight function, still not stellar, and not sufficient, but I am somewhat encouraged.
email me direct if you want, be glad to answer more if you need.
Gotta get to work

I am retired but I think

I could have gone back to work in 3 or 4 days. The wait for sex is 5 to 6 weeks

I tried MUSE once and just got pain

but no good results. Awful and dissapointing. Viagra caused me a 24 hr lasting headache that I was really concerned and had to go to the physician. Now, Cialis works very well for me, and not for one time, it works more than 3 days for me having one pill .

For me the entire shaft that burned and it lasted a couple of hours

and it was uncomfortable if I tried to sleep on my stomach. All I can suggest is that you ask your doctor for a sample and try it for yourself. It also was expensive, my copay for 12 500mcg was $100. I had an implant almost 3 weeks ago and so far I like it. The doctor let me begin pumping it up a little bit each day but I can’t have sex yet. There is no problem with the head not getting hard. No experience with rings

I have used MUSE too

and did not like it, did not work too well and it hurt (burned) so bad it took my mind off what I was trying to do.
This is why I got an implant.

I have tried Muse in the past

and found it to be difficult to insert and the results were less than pleasing…. Of all the ED medications I have tried, I find tri mix to be the best. Doug

I guess I had already heard all of these things

just wondered if the burning was universal, all experience it? And, does it just burn in the urethra, or the entire shaft, does it go away quickly. I remember terrible burning/pain with my first Caverject injection, so now use Trimix, and it burns a little, but not bad, and works very well (take in Canada pharmacy + especially with a cock ring, around the whole package. Just wondering if the burning would me mininal enough that would be less troublesome than the needle, and would it perhaps work better with a ring added.
I’m a long time user of cock rings, have a drawerful, I’ve even asked about the business off soft cockhead after implant, and using a soft cock ring. Of course the company rep and docs take a very safe position, might damage the implant. I’ve talked to implant recipients who use them and have no problems, get a fuller head. (I’m not talking about the constriction rings that come with the VED, just the softer kind that come from adult shops, or online adult sites.)


Has anyone tried MUSE, and what has been your experience.

My wife did Yoga by videotape to exercise.

She recently had her aortic root replaced. It was mostly stretching and breathing exercises, but she did feel she got benefit from it. It must have had an impact because she would get upset if she forgot to do Yoga that day.

I have a bad mitral valve and it is getting worse

I know that exercise is very important to strengthen the heart muscle and also to keep weight off.
But what do you do when after 5 minutes of walking, you have severe shortness of breath? I can no longer exercise and I feel as if this is a Catch-22 situation. Does anyone have any advice?
Thank you.
Love & Light,
Lynne (California)

Its an ever changing story

because there is no Scientific evidence that Chl 240 is normal or that a reading above that is high. Further lowing Chl below 200 is risky it increases your chance of Colon cancer by 30%.
If you are concerned about your Chl take a simple Niacin tablet any kind will work but for comfort take no flush and eat a cup of Beans or Oat meal every day and of course work on your diet
Don’t be mislead by all this Chl scare Chl is absolutly essential to your health every cell in your body is wrapped in it except the ones with Cancer and the one organ in your body that uses the most Chl is your brain so use it BH

Oddly enought this is a common fantasy of many men

cupofhealthIt might actually work to get him hard even though he is not in fact gay. It comes from the “sperm wars” instinct for competition with other men. This is one of the reasons why men get turned on by porno movies. You see that your sperm has competition from other guys and it activates the sperm war response of “Well if she is going to have HIS sperm them she must have mine” and the result is that you get hard. I use sildenafil citrate 100mg, so seems a bit extreme to me of course but then a guy can get pretty desperate when faced with ED.

Can not get it hard enough

that is what we should be trying to deal i will ask him you think having annother male in your wife and your bed will get you hard? if so let this group know,and in our great wisdom some of us will try and cut off your balls.but if you think it will, maybe you should try sex with a man first.if you like it try a 3 way with 2 other men.then work on your relationship with your wife, without wondering if you can get hard with men.

Has anyone seen articles about the addition of Atropine to the mix?

Out side of increasing your heart rate, and perhaps your cardiac output I’m not sure what the local affect might be? Atropine is a vagalytic, and used to block the effects of the parasympathetic nervous system, and the vagus nerve, but I’m unaware without doing more reading how it impacts erections, except for increased flow of blood? I am a Nurse Anesthetist, so the pharmacology and physiology is familiar, but this one is hard to understand. I’m not sure I want my heart racing chemically. Can someone whose tried it describe the impact/effect.

Years ago I participated in a jel which contained PGE

finasteride-5mgwith a chemical that was supposed to carry it through the skin of the penis into the blood supply of the cavity in the penis.

It did not work well and within an hour on the way home my eyes burned like I had acid in them. Last visit my doctor prescribed me proscar or generic finasteride 5mg cheap online – $0.81 per pill. I got off the turnpike 3 times in the next 2 hours to wash them out. This product never made it to market.

The injection of trimix seems very disturbing but when you get a free sample to see if it will work for you, you will be amazed and find the pin prick of the syringe is trivial compared to the benefit. Thousands have been using it with great results.

It lasts several hours and feels fantastic. Very firm like your best teen erection and you can hang a towel on it. Still use it successfully since 1992 with almost the same amount.

Do women over 50 enjoy receiving oral sex enough to overlook a man’s

Are any men in this Blog able to bring your wife or lover to regular, frequent orgasms by giving her oral sex? Does it bother her when you cannot have an orgasm with her?

I agree with John but injection therapy is not for everyone!

It does solve the ED problem temporarily but scar tissue usually kicks in after about 6 months on injection therapy. It can lead to permanent deformation of the penis. Almost 80% of the users who start the Trimix thearapy quit after sometime due to undesirable side effects.

I must say that people like ernestnolan are a few lucky ones who are still able to continue TMx without adverse side effects.

I have not had a prostatectomy but

I have ED bad enough that I cant penetrate. Viagra works but I dont like the side effects, What is working for me is the Super Sexual Pill made by Royal Dragon. Along with that I take 4000mg of L-arginine a day. I have erections now like I did when I was 14. I have erections sitting at my desk at work, when driving, anytime. I’m having throbbing, hard, red erections that I can feel my heart beat in my penis. I’ve been masturbating for two hours tonight and have been penetration hard the two hours. Its fun for that to happen again at age 53.
It’s worth a try. Tim

Radical Prostatectomy L – Arginine

I had a radical prostatectomy 2 years ago and am using a pump as I have had no success with viagra 100 mg (sildenafil citrate). I was wondering if any others in the group who have had a prostatectomy have had any success with L – Arginine and would be grateful to hear from anyone who has tried it and whether or not it helped.


First I would like to thank everybody that posts on here

from time to time, for the sharing of your experience. I often relate to it, and it feels good to see the same feelings or events happening to other men.
I am a 41 year old, and have been suffering from ED since about 2 years. I was succesfull with Viagra for about a month, and then with penile shots for about 3 months. Then, usually, I didn’t do it right, or hit a blood vessel, and the drive went limp.
I have scheduled to visit with an office of the US Medical Blog, who say they are specialized in ED and PE.
Can anyone share some experiences with these people?

I’ve been receiving injection therapy since 1999

and still enjoy its benefits. The cost per prescription which is good for 100 injects runs about $110 for 10 ml from Franck’s Compounding Pharmacy, Ocala, FL.

Someone has told you the bad things he feels about this, but much of this may be untrue.

The primary ingredient in trimix is PGE and is being sold as Caverject for a very expensive price. This ingredient is the primary ingredient in TRIMIX. The other 2 ingredients are legally being used by urologists who prescribe them.

My mixture is #5 or what is called 30:1:10
Papaverine 30 mg/ml
Phentolamine 1 mg/ml
Prostaglandine (PGE)10mcg/ml (notice the change in units)

There are thousands using this and it is legal.

Contact a uro that provides TRIMIX therapy and you can get the facts and a sample injection. You will understand the injection is not severe when you realize these kinds of results.

IF you don’t like it, try anything else you like without any harm being done.

Once it gets into your head you can’t fix it..

so you spend alot of money to get it working..

The only real solution of fix is a penile implant.. i had it done and love it..

Vulnerable or gullible?

am curious how much money do you guys spend a year on solutions to your ED and/or impotence worries?

It seems as though we would do just about anything to get a quick fix. And we are sitting ducks for some of these companies. In fact, there’s another group that is a sitting duck as well. It’s the guys who feel they themselves are small-endowed. Most of the time they are not small-endowed, but they watch so much porn that they think everyone has 9 inches. :-) And the quacks who push worthless pills to increase penis size should be run out of town. They steal hundreds of millions of dollars from vulnerable and gullible men.

In the short time I’ve been a member here I’ve seen many products mentioned, which are something other than FDA approved and tested prescriptions. I am willing to experiment, but not something that will be detrimental to either my health or my wallet.

It would be nice if there was a credible clearinghouse-type website that would objectively review some of these “cures”. That would be expensive to administer I am sure. No one will do that for nothing. We won’t pay for that, but we will pay hundreds and thousands for mere hunches and wishful products. :-(

Enjoy & do other exercises too

As with all exercise you have to do it alot in order to get benefits. I trust that all of us here are performing exercises in order tomaximise health. Medication is only one way to go. I think the yoga route is a great route to take. It can be a bit heavy to tell your yoga teacher why you want to do yoga I know but you can research which exercises are good for you on theĀ  internet. Also Chi Gung is beneficial. There is that book by Mantac Chia. I wanted to get a teacher here in spain but it’s rather hard to come by. Well the book was good anyway.

Back acupressure for Ed

Does any one every tried or heard of Accupressure for Ed. I was told by this therapist, it sounds very expensive, $60.00 for 30 minutes and you need to have at least 10 sessions to see any improvement.

I am 43, lately, the minute I penetrate in, I come, I cannot stand the contact. Is there anything I can do on my one without seeing a doctor?

Thank you

Erection problems and antidepressants

I have been treated for depression for 4 years now I am 56. I have always refused to take any of the SSRI’s like Zoloft, Paxal, Prozac etc. They are all known to cause the anorgasmia problem. I think if you will think about it it is not that you can’t get an erection but, that when you do you don’t feel enough to keep it erect.

I have taken nefazodone all along it is known to help with the problem. However it got a bad rap for causing liver failure in some few people. Please note the only ones it caused serous damage to were ones whose doctors did not perform required liver function tests when they supposed to.

There is also something else I wonder.Is your depression controlled or just supressed to some degree. I am convinced depression itself can cause erectile problems. ED is listed among the symptoms.